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God is Love


Born in 1982, Emanuel Ologeano, is european artist,  Art School degree  (3 years ), University of Fine Arts, 7 exhibitions, and over 350  art works sold around the world over the years.
From an early age his passion has been to paint with an energy and excitement that radiates through his paintings. Is an cubist artist who is taking the world by storm, he has traveled around the world and was influenced by different cultures which reflects in his work, but the most influence of his art is from Spanish culture and the cubism of  Pablo Picasso.
His great pleasure in the art of painting is to take apart each face of the object and to assemble in the proper manner in a new form and new concept.

He creates magical works of art that deal with the human spirit. Working in oil & acrylics Emanuel Ologeano has been able to capture the essence of his subjects.  Each painting brings different mood, colors and emotions, Painting is not a business for E, he just wants to fulfill his need to paint everyday and he hopes more and more people can enjoy his paintings, Currently his art is being collected all over the world.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Alberto Lucas Alba on said:

    Hola emanuel, me llamo Alberto, soy de Valencia y toco el violín como afición. También me gusta la pintura cúbica de Juan Gris, Delaunay, Lhote, de la Fresnaye…
    El caso es que ayer pujé en Ebay bajo el seudónimo de ****** por el cuadro del violín, y en el último segundo me sobrepujaron. Estaba interesado en un par de cuadros de esta temática: uno que vi tuyo ya vendido sobre un hombre tocando el violin, tipo el del hombre tocando la guitarra (por cierto muy bueno) y otro donde figura el instrumento a solas, como el que se vendió ayer. Bueno te he buscado por internet y he conseguido un telf de contacto: ******** pero no contesta nadie.
    Mi telf es el ********
    Estoy interesado, por favor a ver si podemos comunicarnos de algún modo. Gracias de antemano.

  2. Cathlyn on said:

    hy Emanuel. I’m interested about some paintings… for now : the violin player, i like this painting a lot. I hope we can keep in touch. thank you very much. Be blessed.

  3. Soner Uluocak on said:

    Hello Emanuel,
    I am a guitar lecturer at Hacettepe University State Conservatory in Ankara, Turkey. I am very impressed by your paintings, especially the ones on the guitar. I am writing an academic book on the history of guitar. I would like to use your paintings titled “Guitar Player” and “Still life with guitar” on the cover of my books with your permission.
    I will be pleased if we can discuss further about this, by e-mail.
    I will be following your work, best wishes…

    • Emanuel Ologeanu on said:

      Hi, You have my permission only acording with this request: I want my name to be included into cover description and sent me please one of each these books to keep them for my personal feedback and to be part of my personal collection works. if you agree i’ll send you my address . thank you!

  4. Lordasrec on said:

    Painting received, many thanks

  5. Molly Beich on said:

    Hi Emanuel,
    Your art is amazing! I’m making a poster and flyer to find players for an amateur community orchestra in Anchorage, Alaska and I’d like to use your painting, Violin Sonf, as a border. Would that be possible?

    • Emanuel Ologeano on said:

      do it!

      • Alberto Garcia Garcia on said:

        Hola Mirel, soy Alberto Lucas. En su día te compré varios cuadros cubistas acerca de música y violines.La cuestión es que puso alguien mi nombre y apellidos completos en internet: Alberto Lucas Alba, y salía un correo que te envié hace tiempo con datos personales como son mis don números de teléfono. Esta información de los teléfonos para mi es confidencial y como salen desde tu página de información, te pediría que suprimieses o quitases la información relativa a estos dos teléfonos mios. Un saludo, Alberto.

  6. Emanuel Ologeano on said:

    Hola Alberto, claro yo te lo quito ahora, gracias por informar me sobre estos!

  7. Chloe Murphy on said:

    Hi Im a art pupil in Northern Ireland and I’m very interested in you paints of clocks and watches. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind answering a few question on my essay on artist and there techniques and lives.


  8. IRIT GOLD on said:

    I was about to purchase one of your collage prints. (From the Raven series).
    Unfortunately, I found out that your store on etsy is no longer active.
    Can you offer me a way to purchase the collage print in another way?

  9. IRIT GOLD on said:

    I was about to purchase one of your collage prints. (From the Raven series).
    Unfortunately, I found out that your store on etsy is no longer active.
    Can you offer me a way to purchase the collage print in another way?

    best regards

  10. Priscilla Baffoe on said:

    Can i know why you do these paintings please

  11. Megan on said:

    I am currently completing my art GCSE and have chosen you as one of my artists to study for inspiration. As part of my project i have to write about your artwork and how it will influence my own work. I have been trying to research you ad your style but I haven’t found much. I have one main question that i cant seem to find the answer for; What is the reasoning behind the backgrounds of your work, the collage? i love it and was wandering if they were about specific things and how you choose what materials you will use. If you could get back to me that would be great, thank you, Megan

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