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Atraction – original cubist painting of M.E. Ologeanu in a live auction on ebay !

You have the chance to place bids and win an orginal artwork signed Emanuel M. Ologeanu on ebay

Here is the link where you can place your bid. Be a winner!Image

Broken Violin cubist painting

The City – Mixed media art

Raven rest II mixed media collage

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Jazz – Mixed media collage

Jazz mixed media collage art

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Good morning, Paris Mixed media collage

Eiffel, Paris

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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson mixed media collage

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Raven Rest – mixed media collage

Collage mixed media

Mixed media & collage abstract art

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Start – Mixed media collage art with recycled materials

One of my great pleasures is to turn unpracticable objects or pieces of paper into an artwork that can stay not in a trash can  but on the big walls in an exhibition and on this site…

Recycled materials art mixed media collage


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Orange effect – Abstract mixed media collage

Orange effect - Abstract mixed media collage

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