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Originals Listed on Ebay in a live auction! Original Collage Mixed-Media

For the spring came, and my studio has become increasingly overcrowded because of the hundreds of works I have done over the years I decided to sell them to be able to release workspace. So, is your chance to buy art at a low price, DO NOT MISS OUT!


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blue city -cubist painting

blue city cubist

painting art cubist abstract

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Still life with guitar – cubist painting

SYNTHETIC CuBism. In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted form instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a¬†multitude of viewpoints¬†to represent the subject in a greater context. Often the surfaces intersect at seemingly random angles, removing a coherent sense of depth. The background and object planes interpenetrate one another to create the shallow ambiguous space, one of cubism’s distinct characteristics.

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Blue Horse cubist Painting

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violin sonf – cubist painting by Emanuel Ologeano

violin cubist painting

violin cubist

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Cubist Painting – Young Girl

cubist painting - young girl

cubist painting – young girl

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“Fruits” original canvas painting signed Emanuel Ologeano

original cubist painting

original cubist painting

Mixed Media Collage

The term collage derives from the French “coller” meaning “glue”. This term was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art.A collage may include newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers, portions of other artwork, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas. The origins of collage can be traced back hundreds of years, but this technique made a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as anart form of novelty. It can be included in that kind of art named Mixed Media Art.

all star generation mixed media collage by Emanuel Ologeano

"All Star Generation" mixed media collage by Emanuel Ologeano

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