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Spring Song – cubist painting

Spring Song - Cubist painting

Spring Song – Cubist painting

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The Last Song of a Violin – cubist painting


Last song of a violin – Cubist Painting

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El Vagabundo – Cubist painting art

El Vagabundo

El Vagabundo – cubist painting by Emanuel Ologeanu

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Girls with Icecream cubist painting Acrilic on canvas


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Abstract Painting Original for sale in a live auction

For the spring came, and my studio has become increasingly overcrowded because of the hundreds of works I have done over the years I decided to sell them to be able to release workspace. So, is your chance to buy art at a low price, DO NOT MISS OUT!

Spring in Paris abstract painting 50 x 70 cm

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Cubist Painting – Guitar Player by Emanuel Ologeano

Far from being an art movement confined to the annals of art history, Cubism and its legacy continue to inform the work of many contemporary artists. Not only is cubist imagery regularly used commercially but significant numbers of contemporary artists continue to draw upon it both stylistically and perhaps more importantly, theoretically. The latter contains the clue as to the reason for cubism’s enduring fascination for artists. As an essentially representational school of painting, having to come to grips with the rising importance of photography as an increasingly viable method of image making, cubism attempts to take representational imagery beyond the mechanically photographic, and to move beyond the bounds of traditional single point perspective perceived as though by a totally immobile viewer. The questions and theories which arose during the initial appearance of cubism in the early 20th century are, for many representational artists, as current today as when first proposed.

original cibist painting

80/100 cm GUITAR PLAYER acrylic on canvas

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