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Cubist Collage With Guitar

Cubist Collage With Guitar

Cubist Collage With Guitar

live auction sale – Atraction – Abstract original painting

Atraction - Abstract original painting

Atraction – Abstract original painting 50×70 cm acrylic on canvas


Atraction – original cubist painting of M.E. Ologeanu in a live auction on ebay !

You have the chance to place bids and win an orginal artwork signed Emanuel M. Ologeanu on ebay

Here is the link where you can place your bid. Be a winner!Image

Amazing Grace – Mixed media collage art gallery

Amaizing Grace - Mixed media collage

Amaizing Grace - Mixed media collage

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Black Cat Street Cubist painting

Cubist painting -Emanuel Ologeano

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Abstaract painting – Nostalgia Emanuel – Ologeano

Abstaract painting by Emanuel Ologeanu.

This is an abstract work by artist Emanuel Ologeanu measuring 100 cm by 95 cm and is made in oil on canvas.It’s called “City” because it suggests the daily bustle of a crowded city.

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